Anita KISS, PhD

senior research fellow
IAE Department of Aquatic Restoration Ecology
kiss.anita [at]
+36 28 360-122 / 119
Brief description of the main scopes: 
  • Ecological studies of microcrustacean (Cladocera, Copepoda, Ostracoda) assemblages in lentic and lotic ecosystems – effects of biotic and abiotic environmental parameters on taxonomic composition, density and diversity of assemblages, space-time patterns, microcrustaceans as bioindicators.
  • Study of river-floodplain interactions, lateral connectivity, flooding, water regime and zoooplankton, restoration ecology, nature conservation.
Main profile in keywords: 
microcrustacean assemblages (Cladocera, Copepoda, Ostracoda)
Selected publications:


Kiss A, Schöll K, Dinka M, Berczik Á. (2012): Zooplankton monitoring in the Szigetköz floodplain of the Danube (Hungary) (1999-2011): long-term results and consequences.). In: Proceedings of the 39th IAD Conference, Limnological Reports 39 (Berczik, Dinka, Kiss (eds)). pp. 195-201.


Kiss A, Schöll K. (2009): Checklist of the Crustacea (Cladocera, Ostracoda, Copepoda) fauna in the active floodplain area of the Danube (1843-1806, 1669 and 1437-1489 rkm). Opuscula Zoologica 40(2): pp. 27-39.


Schöll K, Kiss A. (2008): Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of zooplankton (Rotifera, Cladocera, Copepoda) in the water bodies of the Floodplain Gemenc (Duna-Dráva National Park, Hungary). Opuscula Zoologica Budapest 39: pp. 65-76.


Kiss A. (2006): Cladocera, Ostracoda and Copepoda assemblages in different side-arms of the Danube in Gemenc floodplain (Danube-Dráva National Park, Hungary). In: Proceedings 36th International Conference of IAD. Austrian Committee Danube Research, IAD, Vienna. (ISBN 13: 978 3 9500723 250 254) pp.


Kiss A. (2004): Long-term changes of Crustacean (Cladocera, Ostracoda, Copepoda) assemblages in Szigetköz Floodplain Area (Hungary) 1991-2002. Limnological Reports 35: pp. 2-7.