Csaba VAD, PhD

team leader, research fellow
IAE Department of Community Ecology
vad.csaba [at] ecolres.hu
+36 87 448 244 / 132
Main profile in keywords: 
plankton ecology, zooplankton, biodiversity, global change, ecology of lakes and ponds
Selected publications:


Vad Cs F, C Schneider, D Lukić, Zs Horváth, M J Kainz, H Stibor, R Ptacnik (2020): Grazing resistance and poor food quality of a widespread mixotroph impair zooplankton secondary production Oecologia 193(2): pp. 489-502.


Horváth Zs, R Ptacnik, Cs F Vad, J M Chase (2019): Habitat loss over six decades accelerates regional and local biodiversity loss via changing landscape connectance Ecology Letters 22(6): 1019-1027


Vad, C. F., A. L. Péntek, N. J. Cozma, A. Földi, A. Tóth, B. Tóth, N. A. Böde, A. Móra, R. Ptacnik, É. Ács, K. Zsuga, and Z. Horváth (2017): Wartime scars or reservoirs of biodiversity? The value of bomb crater ponds in aquatic conservation Biological Conservation 209:253–262.



Vad Cs F, Zs Horváth, K T Kiss, B Tóth, A L Péntek, É Ács (2013): Vertical distribution of zooplankton in a shallow peatland pond: the limiting role of dissolved oxygen. Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology 49(4): pp. 275-285.