Károly PÁLFFY, PhD

IAE Department of Community Ecology
palffy.karoly [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

– Flow cytometric/microscopic analysis of algal communities in field and mesocosm experiments
– Effect of long-term environmental changes (e.g. global warming, eutrophication) on the dynamics, role and functioning planktonic communities
– Trend analysis of functional patterns in phytoplankton using long-term data sets

Main profile in keywords: 
phytoplankton, community ecology, functional diversity
Selected publications:


Pálffy, K., A.W. Kovács, V. Kardos, I. Hausz, G. Boros (2021): Elevated temperature results in higher compositional variability of pioneer phytoplankton communities in a mesocosm system Journal of Plankton Research 43(2): pp. 142-155



Fastner, J., S. Abella, A. Litt, G. Morabito, L. Vörös, K. Pálffy, D. Straile, R. Kümmerlin, D. Matthews, M G. Phillips, I. Chorus (2016): Combating cyanobacterial proliferation by avoiding or treating inflows with high P load—experiences from eight case studies Aquatic Ecology 50(3): pp. 367-383.


Pálffy, K., T. Felföldi, A. Mentes, H. Horváth, K. Márialigeti, E. Boros, L. Vörös, B. Somogyi (2014): Unique picoeukaryotic algal community under multiple environmental stress conditions in a shallow, alkaline pan Extremophiles 18: 111-119.