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Brief description of the main scopes: 

Distribution and conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Albania and the Balkan Peninsula

Ecology of the endangered Greek meadow viper

Conservation priorities for the freshwater biodiversity of Europe

Effects of restoration on the grasslands of Hortobágy

Main profile in keywords: 
amphibians, reptiles, Albania, Balkan Peninsula, Greek meadow viper, grassland restoration, Hortobágy
Selected publications:


Mizsei E, Szabolcs M, Szabó L, Boros Z, Mersini K, Rousssos SA, Dimaki M, Ioannidis Y, Végvári Zs, Lengyel Sz (2019): Priority areas based on habitat suitability, land use and climate change for an endangered cold-adapted snake on warming mountaintops Oryx, in press


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