IAE Department of Danube's Diversity

Research, work profile: 

The main objects of the department are the water and sediement chemical and material cycling studies on riverine ecosystems, the investigation and monitoring of the diversity of the algal and macrophyte communitities, the revealing of the interactions between the groups of organisms and their environment. Basic and applied researches of the department focus on global and local nature and environmental challenges related to increasing water demand, global warming, decreasing biodiversity and increasing emission of pollutants in which issues water is particularly important both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Prof. Éva ÁCS, DSc, scientific advisor
Krisztina BUCZKÓ, DSc, scientific advisor
Péter DOBOSY, PhD, research fellow
Mónika DULEBA, assistant research fellow
Attila ENGLONER, PhD, senior research fellow
Angéla FÖLDI, assistant research fellow
Andrea K. BORSODI, PhD, senior research fellow
Keve T KISS, DSc, research professor emeritus
Krisztina Judit KRÖPFL, assistant research fellow
Kitti NÉMETH, assistant research fellow
József SZEKERES, assistant research fellow
Anita TAKÁCS, assistant research fellow
Zsuzsa TRÁBERT, assistant research fellow
Gyula ZÁRAY, Prof., scientific advisor


Zoltán, NÉMETH, PhD student (not employed)
Sirat, SANDIL, PhD student (not employed)
Viktória, VETÉSI, PhD student (not employed)
Wael ALMESHAL, PhD student (not employed)