Director of IAE, scientific advisor
IAE Department of Aquatic Restoration Ecology
vegvari.zsolt [at] ecolres.hu
+36 1 279 3100
Brief description of the main scopes: 

1) Climatic responsiveness
We investigate how plants and animals respond to climatic processes by modifying their phenological characteristics, such as flowering and emergence dates as well as the timing of migratory movements, considering broad taxonomic scales.

2) Migration dynamics and conservation of waterbirds
On global scales, we analyse changes in migratory behaviour of waterbirds (for instance in cranes, geese, ducks and shorebirds) as a result of human disturbance and predation, as well as its conservation implications.

3) Reproductive strategies of vertebrates
We investigate evolutionary relationships among breeding systems (bias in sex ratio, social mating system, sex determination system) in a broad taxonomic scale of vertebrates, as well as the environmental drivers governing these associations, with a special respect to the climatic metrics of distribution ranges.

4) Distribution modelling
Primarily in animals of key conservation concern, we predict current climatically potential distribution areas, using available occurrence locations, which we project to past (for example to the Last Glacial Maximum) and future (2050, 2080) temporal scales, which allow the identification of glacial refugia as well as the expected shift of distribution areas driven by current climatic processes, which is important in developing species-specifics conservation plans.

Main profile in keywords: 
climatic responsiveness, migration, waterbirds, reproductive strategies, distribution modelling
Selected publications:


Kubelka, V., Šálek, M., Tomkovich, P., Végvári, Z., Freckleton, R.P. and Székely, T. (2018): Global pattern of nest predation is disrupted by climate change in shorebirds.
Végvári, Z., Katona, G., Vági, B., Freckleton, R.P., Gaillard, J.M., Székely, T. and Liker, A. (2018): Sex‐biased breeding dispersal is predicted by social environment in birds.


Végvári, Z., Juhász, E., Tóth, J.P., Barta, Z., Boldogh, S., Szabó, S. and Varga, Z. (2016): Life‐history traits and climatic responsiveness in noctuid moths.


Végvári, Z., Barta, Z., Mustakallio, P. and Székely, T. (2011): Consistent avoidance of human disturbance over large geographical distances by a migratory bird.


Vegvari, Z., Bokony, V., Barta, Z. and Kovacs, G. (2010): Life history predicts advancement of avian spring migration in response to climate change.