IAE Macrophyte Ecology Research Group

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Fundamental and applied research on aquatic macrophytes and biofilm developed on plant surfaces with special focus on
- distribution, abundance, phenetic and genetic diversity of macrophytes in various aquatic environments;
- reed die-back and colonization;
- plant adaptations to water supply in aquatic and terrestrial habitats;
- microbial composition of biofilm formed on aquatic macrophytes and the surrounding water body;
- environmental DNA-based analysis of aquatic ecosystems;
- effect of climate change on water quality and aquatic ecosystems of the Danube River;
- Szigetköz monitoring;
- Joint Danube Survey

Selected publications:


Engloner, A.I., Szalma, E., Sipos, K., Dinka, M. (2018): Distribution and habitat characteristics of macrophyte vegetation in the Middle Danube (1786-1433 rkm), Hungary. pp: 221-233. In: Janauer, A.G., Gaberscik, A., Kvet, J., Germ, M., Exler, N. (Eds.) Macrophytes of the River Danube Basin. Academia Praha 2018., pp:408. ISBN 978-80-200-2743-6.


Engloner A., Szegő D. (2016): Genetic diversity of riverine reed stands indicating the water regime of the habitat Ecological Indicators, 61:846–849




Engloner A I, Major Á. (2011): Clonal diversity of Phragmites australis propagating along water depth gradient. Aquat. Bot. 49: pp. 172-176.