IAE Tisza River Research Group

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The department surveys the biodiversity in the different habitats of the Tisza River, the eleventh longest river in Europe, and in the connected wetlands of its catchment area, investigates the tolerance thresholds of the biota under extremely variable environmental conditions, and explores the role of the tributaries, connected ox-bows, canals, and the hyporheal in the regeneration of the fauna and flora especially following pollution events and flood waves. The department has coordinating task in the Tisza-research under the umbrella of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and functions as scientific background organization to fulfill national obligations in line with the European Water Framework Directive and with other related international conventions established for the protection of the natural resources.

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Borics Gábor, Gábor Várbíró, I Grigorszky, E Krasznai, S Szabó, Keve Tihamér Kiss (2007): A new evaluation of potamo-plankton for the assessmant of the ecological status of rivers. Arch Hydrobiol. Suppl. 161/3-4, Large Rivers 17: 465-486.